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2017 Paddy Bollingbrooke Tournament Final

2017 Paddy Bollingbrooke Tournament Final The 2017 Paddy Bollingbrooke tournament final took place today. I managed to get there just in time for the 3pm throw in! In the final this year were Pauline Gallagher and Ollie Cassidy playing against George Miller and Peter...

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2017 Spring Colour

2017 Spring Colour In Swinford Some shots I've taken of the 2017 Spring colour in Swinford. Some of the earliest spring flowers to bloom are crocus's. Its a pity that there're so delicate and don't last too long with the wind and rain. Luckily we've had a pretty mild...

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66th St Patrick’s Day Parade Swinford 2017

66th St Patrick's Day Parade Swinford 2017 Some photos and video of the 66th St Patricks day parade Swinford 2017. Despite the very poor weather, which was the cause of a lot of parades being postponed, Swinford parade went ahead as scheduled. The weather may have...

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photo locations

Photo Locations

Here you can view my interactive map of all the locations that I’ve photographed. The map will expand over time as I add more locations. Each location will have a link to the relevant post here on the site. Click on a marker for more info with a post link.

Mayo GAA photos

Mayo GAA Photos

View all my Mayo GAA match photos here. All the match photos are grouped by year and competition eg, League & Championship.

Project 52

Project 52

View my project 52. View all my project 52 posts here. I started my project 52 on the 1st of January 2014.

Swinford weather station

Swinford Weather Station

Visit my weather station in Swinford. I have been recording data from my weather station here in Swinford since June 2011. I am a member of the Wunderground Project since 2011. Also a member of the Metoffice UK database. I will eventually have all the data uploading to the website here.