2017 Spring Colour In Swinford

Some shots I’ve taken of the 2017 Spring colour in Swinford. Some of the earliest spring flowers to bloom are crocus’s. Its a pity that there’re so delicate and don’t last too long with the wind and rain. Luckily we’ve had a pretty mild spring and these were out early and lasted. The first of our crocus’s bloomed in the first week of February. These survived being eaten by the crows last year!

2017 spring clolour in Swinford. The first of our crocus's bloom.

1st Crocus’s bloom.

There are also a lot of wildflowers growing around Swinford. I’ve never really taken much notice of them until recently, after hearing about the wildflower survey being undertaken by the National Biodiversity data centre. Here’s a shot of some Ransoms (Allium ursinum | Ramsons | Creamh) also known as “wild Garlic” which is growing in Brabazon Woodlands. These were just beginning to flower, these had just flowered, around the first weekend in March.

Ramsons growing in Brabazon woodlands, also known as wild garlic.

Ramsons (wild garlic).

We had some daffodils out in time for St Patrick’s day too. Don’t know what variety this is. Managed to catch a bee having a good feed for himself too! Camera on the phone comes in very handy sometimes.

2017 spring colour in Swinford.

A bee having a good feed for himself!

Some more crocus’s, which are usually out in early Spring, appeared towards the end of March! These however didn’t last too long and were gone again after a day or 2. Was lucky to get a shot of them.

Spring colour in Swinford

Crocus’s confused with the seasons, out at the end of March!

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