We had the annual Siamsa Sraide street festival here in Swinford last week. I was busy as usual with Swinford Tidy Towns but I did manage to get some photos of busking day on the Wednesday which I will upload later. I only managed to get some video clips and missed out on 2 trad sessions on Wednesday night. Sharon Shannon opened the festival on Friday night with a concert in Swinford Church which was packed to the rafters! I was fortunate to get a front row seat which was great for videoing, although I was very near the speakers which effects the sound a bit. I still got over two hours recorded ( which will be another dvd project!)

Sharon Shannon in concert in Swinford Church Friday 2nd August.

Local Children playing African drums Monday 5th August.

Maguire & Patterson busking Wednesday 7th August.

Colonel Buckshot Rides Again busking Wednesday 7th August.

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