April sunset over Swinford

Its time that the weather started to pick up! Here’s a shot I got of an April sunset over Swinford. Photo of the sunset with Neiphen in the background was taken from a usual location I use, the top of the hill in Kilconduff Graveyard. This is also the location I photographed my first Aurora last August. There is a great view from this location!

April sunset over Swinford 2016-MAY_2029

f/9, ISO-100, 1/320 sec, -1.0 exp, @50mm.

Sunsets may all look the same, but they never are. What sets them apart is the cloud formations. You also have to get the timing right too and spend some time on location. I spent about 45 minutes here and about 30 shots later got this one. Light is constantly changing and you really have to have patience to get the shot your’re looking for. I’m happy enough with this shot though if the weather permits again tomorrow evening, I’ll be out again!

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