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Swinford secondary school are putting on the musical “Back to the 80’s”. It will be on show in the secondary school from Thursday the 4th December until Saturday the 6th.

2014 Irish Blog Awards

2014 Irish Blog Awards. Our table was 1982!

A few weeks ago I attended the Irish Blog Awards which was held in Clane Co Kildare. My own blog here got nominated for the awards this year but the nomination was as far as I got with my site! I’m also one of the Admin crew over on Mayo Club 51 .com who got shortlisted and then on to the final (the final 10 in Ireland in the sports category) of the blog awards (which was why I was at the Awards ceremony).

80's style candles

Cassette tape and record candles.

The theme at the Irish blog awards ceremony was “back to the 80’s”. All the tables were decorated 80’s style. Instead of candles all the tables were lit with led’s inside made up cassette tapes and single records.

Back to the 80's at the blog awards 2014

Back to the 80’s

Photo: f/4.5, 1/30 sec, ISO-100, @ 50 mm.

The photo above took a few attempts to nail. It was a small area to shoot with the record label 3 cassette tapes deep. I used single point focus to focus on the writing on the label. Even the slightest bit off target resulted in the cassette nearest me in focus with the record label off focus, as in the photo below.

off focus

Off focus. Focus point only a couple of millimeters off.

Camera was handheld which even the slightest movement of a few millimeters will throw the focus off. The focus point was near the top of the middle cassette. With the really shallow depth of field its hard to see. Of course if I had the tripod with me, it would have helped!

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