International Space Station (ISS) in orbit.

International Space Station (ISS) in orbit. (photo: NASA)

The ISS was back over the Irish skies again last week. I managed to get some decent video footage of it again. The first video is from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning from 11.59. The second is from the next night, Wednesday night from 11.06. On Tuesday night the ISS flyover was in the direction from the West to the South East at an elevation of 37°. On Wednesday night the ISS traveled in the direction from West to East South East at an Elevation of 47°. At such a high elevation over Ireland meant the ISS was very bright. This was a great help as it was still fairly bright at the time.


If you would like to view the current location and track of the ISS, view the ISS tracker here. You can also view the live video feed from the ISS.

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