ISS Flyover Swinford 8th April 2015

ISS flyover Swinford 8th April 2015 at 21.05 to 21.09. The ISS orbits the Earth in under 2 hours. It travels at a speed of between 17,300 and 17,500 miles per hour and is a distance of 200 miles from the Earths surface.

International Space Station (ISS) in orbit.

International Space Station (ISS) in orbit. (photo © NASA)

The International Space Station ISS has been flying over Ireland in the last week or so. This time of year is the best time to view it as it pass’s over. Last week was my first attempt to shoot the ISS flyover. On the first night I tried to capture a long exposure, unfortunately I didn’t get the settings right. We were lucky with the weather and had clear skies and I got another chance the following night.

Yet again I failed miserably trying to get a long exposure shot of the ISS flyover. With the ISS only taking about 4 minutes to fly over you only get one or two attempts to shoot a 30 second exposure. Luckily on the second night I brought my camcorder as well so I did capture some video footage. The quality however is not quite as good as I’d like. With my camera mounted on my tripod I had to mount the camcorder on my monopod, which is not as steady as the tripod.

ISS Flyover Swinford Co Mayo 8th April 2015 from Michael Maye on Vimeo.

The ISS will be visable again tonight under clear skies. The flyover which will be incredablly bright, will start at 21.23 from the west going towards the east and last for 5 minutes. There will be further flyovers for the next few days over Ireland before the ISS orbit changes and will be out of view from Ireland. Here’s the rest of the times to view the ISS.

ISS flyover Swinford Co Mayo April 2015


If you would like to view the current location and track of the ISS, view the ISS tracker here. You can also view the live video feed from the ISS.

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