Prize Winner At 28th Swinford Agricultural Show

The weather was terrible today but was a delighted prize winner at 28th Swinford Agricultural show. Usually we’d have our hanging baskets planted up and ready for hanging out on the first week of June as we’ve done for the last 20 or 25 years. But as has been happening in recent years, this gets later and later due to the weather.  This year it was nearly 2 weeks into June when they were ready for hanging.

prize winner at 28th Swinford Agricultural show

Winner 1st Prize Hanging Basket.

This year for some reason (and I say this every year!), everything seemed to be late to start growing. It was really only the end of July before we saw any real growth and flowers begin to bloom. Of course after all the watering, feeding and looking after to get them to show standards, the weather decides to turn and reek havoc on them! Even the night before show day they got an awful battering from the wind and rain.

prize winner at 28th Swinford Agricultural show

2nd placed window box.

Also in the photography competition in the confined section I managed to nab 2nd place in the “Bridges” category. This was a shot of Swinford Railway Bridge which I took on St Patrick’s Day eve night this year. I shoot the railway bridge every year (for the last few years) for St Patrick’s Day when the bridge is lit up green for the festivities.

prize winner at 28th Swinford Agricultural show

2nd placed in the Bridges category in the photography competition confined section.

For more information on the 28th Swinford Agricultural Show visit their website here.

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