Week two of project 52 and the only photos I’d taken this week was of round 1 & 2 of the FBD league. On Friday night 10th January we (Mayo) played NUIG in Mc Hale Park Castlebar. We won the match on a scoreline of 0.12 to 1.06 and you can view all the photos here. The match was played under lights, which usually isn’t a major problem (when the TV cameras are there) unfortunately the match was not televised, which meant the lights did not have to be run on full power. My camera was tested to ISO 3200 (was afraid to go to 6400!) and I was still struggling to keep the shutter above 1/125 as you’ll see in some of the photos the shutter speeds went down to 1/60. I’ve decided not to use any of those photos for #2 of Project 52.

On Sunday the 12th we played the 2nd round of the FBD League. While in daylight (almost sometimes) the match was played in extreme wind and rainy conditions and I only got to take 40/50 shots at the match. I got an awful soaking that day, so much so that my phone stopped working while doing live score Twitter updates for Mayo Club 51! Thankfully after a spell drying out, it’s now back working near normal. View match photos here.

project 52 #2

project 52 #2 FBD League Mayo v Sligo IT. Kevin McLoughlan (Mayo)

The photo above is one of the best I can show of the driving rain! Settings used; f/5, ISO 3200, 1/200 sec, @180mm. The day was going from bright to dark, so I left the ISO on auto and even at that, in this photo it shot up to 3200!

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