I had been thinking of doing this project for the last year or two, but somehow never got around to it. Project 52 is something a lot of photographers undertake for various reasons, with the more ambitious photographers undertaking a Project 365, mostly to improve their photography skills, and creating an excuse to take the camera out at least once a week! I had made up my mind a few months ago that this year I’d take the plunge and do the Project 52 this year. Unfortunately I also did a major upgrade on the website which coincided with the planned start of the project in the new year, and so it has been delayed until now. I did however take a photo for the project every week from the start of the year, I have only delayed posting the weekly projects until now.

project 52 #1

project 52 #1 Christmas Bouquet Of Winter Wild Flowers.

Project 52 #1 was taken on New Years day. A beautiful Christmas Bouquet of wild winter flowers, one of many put together by my sister Catherine for family members for Christmas. Settings used were; ambient light, f/4.5, ISO 100, 1/60 sec @50mm.

Over the next day or two, I’ll post Projects #2 & #3 and I’ll then be back on track with Project 52 – 2014.

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