Spring 2016 Finally here, just about!

Has Spring 2016 finally arrived? Some of our first dwarf daffodils have appeared in the last few days here in Swinford. We have also got some crocuses up, though some of them have been up for the last week in some of the tidy towns planters around the town.

Spring 2016

f/5, 1/500 sec, ISO-100 @200mm.

Here’s one of our first crocuses in one of the planters by the tidy towns. For some reason the birds, crows I think, have taken a serious liking to our crocuses this year. They have most of them eaten on us, this is one that they didn’t get round to eating, the buggers! If your’re wondering why I shot the photo at 200mm, I had my 300mm zoom lens on the camera at the time! You can get a better “Bokah” or shallower depth of field with a larger zoom lens.

Spring 2016

f/2.8, 1/165 sec, ISO-100, @ 18mm.

Here’s one from my own garden, a crocus too I think, but may be wrong. This is one that the birds didn’t manage to eat on me! If anyone has any suggestions how to stop the birds from eating the bulbs, I’d gladly try anything. (And yes, I did think about shooting them, “Shhot The Crows” anyone!).

Spring 2016

f/4.5, ISO-100, 1/40 sec, @ 50mm.

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