Busking Day Siamsa Sraide 2013


Busking Day Siamsa Sraide 2013

Photos from Busking Day Siamsa Sraide 2013. Busking day is held on the last day of the annual Siamsa Sraide festival in Swinford. Every year musicians compete in the competition with a total prize fund of €2,500. Siamsa Sraide was one of the very first festivals in Ireland to hold an International busking day! The competition is divided into two sections, U-18’s and over 18’s.Many a musician has begun their music career after having taking part in the Swinford busking day Siama Sraide! One of the most famous musicians to have busked at Siamsa Sraide is none other than Tommy Flemming. Tommy won the busking competition at Siamsa Sraide in 1986, and the rest as they say, is history!

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August 11, 2016

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