Spring 2016

Spring 2016 Finally here, just about! Has Spring 2016 finally arrived? Some of our first dwarf daffodils have appeared in the last few days here in Swinford. We have also got some crocuses up, though some of them have been up for the last week in some of the tidy...

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The Toughest Trade

The Toughest Trade TV Documentary Mayo gaa's Aidan O Shea is taking part in The Toughest Trade TV documentary, which is being filmed by AIB the main sponsors of the Club Championships. This is the second season of the toughest trade, the first series having been...

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Mutton Lane Cork

Mutton Lane Cork We were back in Mutton Lane Cork last week, when we were there for the start of the football league. This time around I had my camera with me to get some proper shots of Mutton Lane! Mutton Lane is just one of the many entrance's into the English...

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Happy New Year 2016

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year 2016 I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2016. Thanks to everyone who stopped by here during 2015. It has been a busy year! Although I did not do a Project 52 in 2015, my 2014 project spilled over into 2015. I do...

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Storm Desmond Flooding

Storm Desmond Flooding Swinford There has been some serious flooding here in the Swinford area as a result of Storm Desmond. Met Eireann has had a status red warning issued for rainfall since last Friday. We have had nearly a months amount of rain, dumped on the west...

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November Colour

November Colour Swinford Camera Club's monthly theme for November is Colour. However with the poor weather of late, as we do get at this time of year its hard to get out with the camera to get some November colour. I'm not too keen going out in the pouring rain with...

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Swinford Culture Night 2015

Swinford Culture Night 18th September 2015 Swinford Culture night was held last Friday night in the Cultural Center Swinford as part of the national culture night celebrations. This is the 10th year of Culture night and I think the first one held in Swinford. Culture...

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2015 Ireland Blog Awards Vote

The 2015 Ireland Blog Awards Vote Is Now Open The 2015 Ireland blog awards vote is now live. The voting is open to the public from today Monday 7th September. The public vote will be open for two weeks and will close on the 21st of September. The public vote will...

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2015 Ireland Blog Awards

In August I got an email saying that my blog here had been nominated for the 2015 Ireland Blog awards. This is the second year running now that I have been nominated. Last year I only made the "long list" of blogs and did not progress to the short list. However...

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Swinford Agricultural Show 2015

Swinford Agricultural Show 2015 Delighted to have won some prizes in the confined section of the Swinford agricultural show 2015 photography competition. The confined section is open to members of camera clubs only. Camera club members are not permitted to enter...

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2016 Blog Awards

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